Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays 2010!

Season's Greetings, everyone!
Here is the 2010 version of my annual Holiday Card..
This year, I attempted another Art Deco motif; based on a few vintage cards that I've managed to collect off of eBay over the years..  Overall I'm happy with most of it. But in hindsight, it's probably a bit too close in overall design, to the Holiday Card that I did back in 2007..
The coloring was done digitally.. For the most part, it was applied color-to-color, without any holding lines. I cheated a bit here and there, though. The Birch Trees actually looked better with the remnants of linework, I thought..
Unfortunately, while the series of Gradient Fills I applied with Photoshop, looked pretty decent in the original file on my monitor.. The subtleties got a bit muddied in the actual printouts I received back from Kinko's.. Skewing everything, slightly darker. Parts of the Deer got lost on the Night Sky. As did some of the Pine Trees, etc.. 

The experience of making/sending out the Cards this year too, was somewhat bittersweet. As this was the type of project that I would traditionally do with my Mom; who passed away just last year. In fact, looking back.. I think I did it more for her, than for myself. She would nag me about getting the Cards done. And for whatever reason, I would always wait 'til the last-possible-minute, before actually finishing them. It was a real Dannys Christmas tradition! bwa-hah

As mentioned in my previous Blog posts,-- any Christmas Card done BEFORE my Birthday, is a raving success story.. So, I did alright this year! But I'm a man of limited financial resources, so I wasn't able to printout quite as many copies as I once did. But if you're on my Card List, expect a hard copy in your mailbox soon.. For the rest of my friends, I hope that this "digital" -version of the Card will suffice? Y'know, they say it's the thought that counts, in the end..

Anyways, I hope that everyone has a terrific Holiday Season.. Best Wishes to everyone at Christmastime!.. And hoping you have a fantastic 2011!

Monday, November 29, 2010

"When CAPTAIN AMERICA Throws His Mighty Shield!.."

So,-- here's a rough CAP sketch that I just finished.. Did you know this character will be 70 years old, next March?! I don't think he looks a day over 30!

I couldn't resist drawing a Kirby-style CAP running headlong towards those dirty Huns.. Hence, the whole "exploding off the Page" motif..
This sketch will be part of a more elaborate illustration. The weird sketchy stuff along the top may (or may not) be added to the final composition..I'd love to include the transformation of the scrawny Steve Rogers. And also, the Red Skull. But I dunno if I can fit it all in? We'll see..

The Marvel Essential CAPTAIN AMERICA volumes are pretty fantastic reference.. Not only is there some terrific Jack Kirby stuff in 'em. But you also get some of the "groovy" Jim Steranko artwork, too!
I'll confess that I can't really relate much, to the modern "Ultimates" -version of the character.. He always seems trussed-up with a crazy helmet, suspenders, goggles, elbow/knee pads, etc.. Has he gotten weaker, since I read him, back in-the-day? I doubt it.
I recently saw a cover where CAP was even geared up with an AK-47 machine gun?! Dat's just plain screwy, I sez!!

I know that Hollywood is currently preparing a live-action "Captain America" feature. So, I guess having him appear more like a U.S. soldier makes better sense than flashy spandex? The production pics I've seen, look quite intriguing.. (Especially casting actor Hugo Weaving as: "the Red Skull"!)
The film is being directed by Joe Johnston. Yup, the same guy that brought Dave Stevens' "The ROCKETEER" to the silver-screen.. At least we know the movie will "look" half-decent..
But let's face it,-- Hollywood's track record for translating comic-book properties into films, is notoriously piss-poor.  And for me, traditional 2-D animation still seems the most logical way to create a movie out of a comic-book!

Anywayz, I thought this'd make a nice Post.. Enjoy!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Deconstructing the Frazetta Female - Pt. 2

Hello, again!

Today, I thought I'd add one more drawing to the ideas presented in a previous blog posting, re: attempting to "figure out" how Frank Frazetta's comic-book women are put-together? For me, they're easily the most appealing female figures in the history of comic-books.. I can't stop looking at them!
Presented here, are a few more classic poses of some of the women that appeared in Frazetta's 50's-era comic artwork. I set them up on a line, so that I could work towards building a formal Turnaround -type model sheet..
I compared them to my prior attempts.. And the proportions stack up fairly consistently with them. And while I have no knowledge of Frazetta's familiarity with the Andrew Loomis instructional drawing books,-- I was surprised to find that (for the most part) the proportions match-up rather closely to those, as well.

Granted, the Frazetta women tend to be a little fleshier. I think I detected that Frazetta draws the breast-line a tad higher. His women are also a little more "hips-y".. And definitely feature a little more exaggeration in the Derriere department!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Bettie Page!

I was digging thru a few of my older drawings, when I came across this one.. I did it as a commission for a friend, almost a half-dozen years ago. It was a bit rushed. And though it was close to what I'd intended, I was still never completely satisfied with the finished results.. So, I thought I'd revisit it to "fix" the parts I didn't like. And take some time to apply some color to the image, as well..

Bettie Page was perhaps one of the most-famous pinup models of the 1950's era. She died a few short years ago, at the age of 85. Preceding her by less than a year, Dave Stevens (the artist most-responsible for bringing her back into the public eye) would also pass on, succumbing to a rare form of cancer.

Even so, the memory of Ms. Page endures thru (literally) dozens of Internet websites, blogs, and tumblr sites.. And she will undoubtedly reappear in a 'ROCKETEER' comic-book anthology series, scheduled to be published by 'IDW Publishing', sometime in 2011. Can't wait to see what that project will look like!

That's all for now.. TTYLater!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tony Curtis, R.I.P.

I heard this morning that Tony Curtis passed away, at the age of 85.. I had no idea that he was already that old. He's one of those actors that seemed eternally young..
Many years ago,-- I had the idea of casting Tony Curtis in a 50's-style teen romance comic. I did a few model sheet drawings of him. And even got as far as doing some story breakdowns too, before my interest level completely slipped away.
Anyways, I thought it'd be a good excuse for a blog Post..

Tony Curtis was by no means a favorite actor of mine. But he's a personality that I associate with what might be called the "Golden Age" of Hollywood, I guess? The old-school glamour thang..When he married actress Janet Leigh, it was a pretty big deal. And I guess they became one of Filmdom's power couples, for a short time? Later on, he just got kitschy..
It's easy to dismiss a lot of his acting work. Because of his looks, he got offered a lot of lightweight roles. And appeared in straight-out fluff, like: 'Some Like It Hot' or 'Operation Petticoat'..
As early as '53, he self-produced a biopic on Harry Houdini; which is a guilty pleasure of mine. But he made an equal number of other brave choices as an actor, which also deserve mention.. I think 'The Defiant Ones' is certainly a standout. But the role that I will always associate with him the most, is his stellar performance as "Sidney Falco" in 1957's 'The Sweet Smell Of Success'!
He cleverly uses his trademark good-looks to portray a real manipulative slimeball of a P.R. man, continually sucking up to Burt Lancaster's "J.J. Hunsecker" character. That film is completely brilliant, in every way!

Okay,-- not Tony Curtis, granted.. But when I was unearthing the old artwork files, I also found a drawing I'd done of actress: Terry Moore. She was to be my female lead in that 50's-era romance story I mentioned. So I couldn't resist adding her to this Post, as well..

See ya!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another BURBY Baseball ALL-STAR revealed!

Hello again!

Yeah I know, it's been TOO long between Posts for me.. But a number of Freelance projects occupied my time, and kept me too busy to present anything new here..
But here's an Image that I've just completed.. It's yet another "Hall Of Fame" -type personality, in the ever-growing BURBY Baseball Card series!
This time 'round, our featured ALL-STAR player, is none other than: John Lei.. Another Animation guy, that I met (and worked with) thru the late-90's.. I think we first met at the (now defunct) 'Phoenix Animation' studios?
Unfortunately, I don't have any "Lifetime" stats recorded for John.. So, I'm going to assume that he only started playing Burby, sometime after 1996?
I can tell you that he was a solid Pitcher. And always batted somewhere in the high .300's! The important personal stats that John provided me with, are as follows: Born in Hong Kong, in November of 1970. Stands 5' 7 1⁄2" tall & weighs 142 lbs. Bats: Right and Throws: Left..

Every Card first starts out with some reference photos.. Which I shoot, as best I can. John's photos turned out a bit dark. So I had some difficulty making out the details around his eyes. But he gave me a solid hang-dog/all-business expression.. Which makes the drawing, all that much more fun to do!
I won't bore you with all of the "process" details again, re: the making of John's card. But if you click thru the "Burby" tag at the bottom of this Post.. You'll be able to follow the same techniques, which I used on Sasa Radosavcevic's artwork.
Again, the coloring is intended to mimic the old 50's-era "painted" Baseball Cards.. Slowly applying light washes of pencil crayon color, blending them carefully to build the right tones/values. I didn't take very many scans of the card as it was being put together.. But here's one, to help give you an idea of what I'm talking about:

The white shirt John had on in the reference photos, helped me map out the Red piping on the Jersey. And I altered his Black Glove to a more traditional leather color scheme. As I couldn't find any examples of Black leather gloves in any of the 1950's reference I had..
Below, is the finished Final Art:
John (and his wife Sasha) have been longtime friends of both myself & my sweetheart: Suzanne.. So, when we finally decided to get married, last April.. John and Sasha, were natural choices to act as witnesses at our Wedding. But what I only had an inkling of then, was what a great photographer John was!
We were both ecstatic when John also offered to take a series of Wedding photos of us, during/after the ceremony. Which he presented to us on a digital CD, about a week later..
I look a little "pink" in this one, but Suzanne looks fabulous here:

The game of Burby has under gone something of a resurgence here in Toronto, lately.. Mainly due to the diligence of it's organizer: Adrian Golombek. You can follow the week-to-week progress of the highly-organized 'Toronto Burby League' by clicking thru on the highlighted Link.
Me and John had a bit of a chuckle when I described the differences between their version of the game, and the version we used to play.. But I've gotta give credit where credit is due. They're definitely a highly-motivated bunch of players!

I think I've now got about 2 (possibly 3?) unfinished Cards, left to complete. The Chris York one, has literally been "half done" for quite a few years now. . At this point, it's become a real grind to finish them. But I'm so close to finishing the entire set, I almost feel I have to get 'em done!

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed, 'til that day arrives.. See ya!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Illustration Friday: "GIANT"..


I'll confess that the past few "theme" words for "Illustration Friday" haven't sparked a whole lot of inspiration for me.. I just didn't know what I could do with either "Paisley" or "Satellite"? And "Giant" didn't really spark my imagination much, either. I knew that I didn't really want to draw a traditional (generic) "Stumbo" -style Giant. But I just couldn't think of anything more compelling, beyond that.

So, I began leafing thru my portfolio for past images, hoping to find some good ideas.. It was then that I came across an old illustration that I did many moons ago, for an artist friend: Leigh Young. It seemed pretty appropos to the theme of "Giant",-- so I'm showcasing it again here:

The pic features "Ambarina", one of Leigh's LUCHABABES characters.. Here, she is facing off against an oversized (in many ways!) opponent that we'll call: "The Blue Demon". I recall the Right Side of the composition looking a little spare. So, at the last minute.. I decided to add the cartoon "Kilroy" character; peering up over the canvas, waiting for the action to start!

I'm guessing this was done shortly after finishing up Layout duties on "The RIPPING FRIENDS" cartoon, because the Blue Demon dude's body design definitely bears a few Jim Smith/Spümco-esque foibles..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Illustration Friday: "RIPPLE"..

"A small ripple in the water, stirred the enormous creature from it's slumber.."

Here's this week's installment towards the online "Illustration Friday" experience.. Once again, I didn't get the image as finished, as I'd have liked. But the discipline of having a weekly deadline, is forcing me to work faster. Something that's never been my strong suit. And a part of my Skill Set, I'm hoping to improve upon. One more reason, why I wanted to start contributing regularly!

This week's subject is: "Ripple". And here's what I came up with..

As should appear obvious,-- I (again) chose the opportunity to exercise my Frazetta muscles! The composition and staging, definitely owes a lot to his Fantasy Art.. There are some details that still need some tweaking. And it could probably use a 2nd "scrub" in Photoshop, to remove some of the visual noise. But I'm kinda happy with the way it turned out, for the most part.

Years ago, I finished a similar image to this one, featuring Mike Mignola's HELLBOY character. I think the experience of working on that, helped this one. I can also see where there's a bit of a Bernie Wrightson influence coming thru in the creature pose.. But of course, Wrightson was something of a Frazetta devotee back-in-the-day, too..

If I have time, I'll update this pic with a color version.. Dunno if I'll make it by Friday, though. As another freelance Design/Layout job, happily fell into my lap today..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Illustration Friday: "TRAIL"..

Hello, again!

I've been attempting to continue my participation in the online "Illustration Friday" experience, for the past couple weeks.. But something always seems to prevent me from completing my images. Last week, was chock full of Family functions. And the week prior, saw me busy with an extensive freelance Design assignment..
Even so, I was happy with the sketches I'd begun for both: "Early" and "Slither".. And I hope to finish these "Theme" subjects, if only as added Portfolio items. Perhaps when I get them finished, I'll be able to post them here on the blog, too.

This past week's subject was: "Trail". Here's what I came up with..

I wanted the theme "Trail" to work both as a Noun & as a Verb, in the image.. So, I came up with a "Fritz" (Frazetta) funny animal vignette.. Which featured an old Dawg Detective (and his fine-feathered sidekick) hot-on-the-trail of some nefarious Forest creature!
I would've loved to give this a slick 'Thick&Thin' inkline treatment.. But it's Thursday evening already, so that would pretty-much be a pointless exercise. Hopefully, I'll be able to bring the next "Theme" subject, closer to full completion. Perhaps with some color added to the mix, too?

We'll see, as they say..

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dennis Hopper, R.I.P.

I heard this afternoon that the actor Dennis Hopper passed away..
I don't mean to use this Blog to consistently memorialize famous people. And I doubt I'll be spending more time using this forum, to talk about Hollywood personalities.. But Dennis Hopper was very likely my own favorite, as far as actors go. So please forgive me this once, if I venture off into the "Dead Actors" category..

I can't remember the first time I saw Dennis Hopper on screen. But it was probably in some stupid Western, or something. Like most people, he didn't really make a deep impression on me.. Not 'til maybe 'Easy Rider' or David Lynch's 'Blue Velvet'. A film that made great use of his explosive intensity.. Later on, I would go back in Hopper's filmography to marvel at Curtis Harrington's amazing 'Night Tide' (1961).
Hopper always struck me as the "King Of Cool", too.. He was always a compelling interview, on the Late Night shows. Always had an interesting anecdote about someone he'd met in the past, or an experience that he'd survived to tell the rest of us about. It's amazing to me (and I'm sure others) that he even survived to the age of 74?!
I know he was mentored into Art Collecting by Vincent Price. That he hung out with James Dean, in 50's-era Hollywood. Had been married & divorced, many times over. And that he'd nearly been locked up for good into a mental institution, when his addictions became uncontrollable..

Many years ago, I toyed with the idea of using the image of Dennis Hopper (and some of his contemporaries) in a 50's-style Juvenile Delinquency comic-book story. I got about as far as working up a couple model sheets, before burning out on it.. It was to be called: "The Prophets Of Price Street"! hah With Dennis (of course) as the gang-leader; featuring a look that bore a striking similarity to his small role in 'Rebel Without A Cause'..

Here's a turnaround of his Head:

One of the most admirable things about Dennis Hopper, was his drive to produce & create. From interviews I've read with him, he was always greatly concerned with leaving behind a 'body of work'.. And to that end, he struck me as very successful!
'Blue Velvet' was critical to giving Hopper a second-chance in Hollywood. And he made the best of it.. Parlaying his popularity, into a short (but memorable) career as a film director. 'Colors' and 'The Hot Spot' come immediately to mind..
And rather than take the obvious parts in bigger-budget films,-- he also made some brave choices as an actor.. I'm thinking of his more obscure films like: 'Chattahoochee' and 'Paris Trout'?

When I saw the video of Hopper getting his star on the 'Hollywood Walk Of Fame', a few weeks back.. I knew he would not be around for very much longer. Even so, the thought that I won't see him in anymore films, makes me more than a little sad.
IMHO, he will definitely be missed!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Illustration Friday: "EQUIPMENT"..

Hello, again!

I've been meaning to begin participating in the online "Illustration Friday" experience, for quite some time now.. But for whatever reason, Life always seems to conspire against this plan. I either start my contribution too late, or get too busy to finish anything at all..
And that's part of the reason I'm so intent on participating.. Teaching myself the discipline of "getting it done..", in the same week that each new "Theme" subject is announced? A unique skill that any effective illustrator has to be able to call upon, in any given instance..

This week's subject, was: "Equipment"..

Do I go with showing a pile of Fishing or Sports equipment? Or do I go instead, with drawing a construction worker with a bunch of gear? The possibilities boggle the mind.. And I suppose that's the idea.
For my debut entry, I took the easy approach. And dug out an existing Location Design that I created a number of years ago.. It seemed appropos, as it's essentially a cartoony Laboratory, stacked to the rafters with exotic machinery & Jack Kirby -styled equipment!
Hope you'll like it..

Monday, May 10, 2010

Frank Frazetta, R.I.P.

While downtown this afternoon, I heard the news that Frank Frazetta has passed away due to a stroke, at the age of 82.. He was easily my favorite artist of all time. Perhaps not a great surprise to anyone that has followed this Blog?

When I was a wee lad, I happened across a copy of Ballantine's 'FANTASTIC ART OF FRANK FRAZETTA Volume 4' at the Cole's Books shop on Yonge Street, near the old Scientology offices. I recognized the paintings inside that book, as the same mesmerizing images that I'd seen on my favorite Paperbacks, at our local libraries. So in the weeks that followed, I spent all of my available allowance money at Cole's, buying up all of the previous 3 Ballantine volumes of Frazetta's work!

Words fail me, in knowing where to begin to describe how his artwork has affected me personally.. I've probably written about him on my blog, more than I already should have, for fear of boring everyone. But if you're interested,-- you can peruse my earlier postings on Frazetta, simply by clicking on the "Frazetta" label on the bottom of this post..

I know that Frazetta has had a very difficult time lately, with the children squabbling over his artwork & museum. I wish that he didn't have to live long enough to witness any of that ugliness, firsthand..
And with his history of health problems, it must've been a heavy cross for him to bear. But I had a hunch that when his wife Ellie passed away, that it would likely have made it very tenuous for him to go on.. And part of me is actually happy that he's found a peace where he can finally join her, once again.

See ya, Frank.. You were quite simply the Best that ever was!

Friday, May 7, 2010


I'm back, folks!!
I apologize again, for the long delay between Postings.. But Life has become increasingly busy for me. The month of April saw me get married to the lovely Suzanne Dargie. Plus,-- my amazing 80 year-old Dad took a whole bunch of us to Holland with him, for an incredible 12-day vacation..
While in Amsterdam, I was able to visit the 'Lambiek' and 'GoJoker' bookstores.. And hunt down some albums featuring one of my favorite European artists: Benito Jacovitti!
This guy's work is astounding to me.. And even more astonishing that his work hasn't been reprinted for North American readers! I only have his work in foreign languages.. Mostly in Dutch, which I have a working comprehension of..
I only discovered his work in 1974, when my family first visited the Netherlands. Jacovitti's stories appeared regularly in the popular Dutch anthology: 'PEP Magazine'.. That publication featured many of his popular characters.
'Jack Mandolino' was a lot of fun.. Mandolino is a small-time crook that can't seem to get a break.. Despite the best efforts of his small Devil sidekick, who's constantly offering advice from his big book of "Dirty Tricks"..
'Cocco Bill' may have been his most popular character.. Jacovitti did quite a few stories with him. And from what I can gather, was propably his most-recognizable character. I have yet to see a 'Cocco Bill' story that lays out why exactly it's so necessary to always have a Set Square on his saddle. But it definitely fits into the absurdist worlds Jacovitti creates!
I already had a number of the 'Cocco Bill' books gifted to me by a good CFA-APA friend: Deiderik Van Rappard.. So instead, I bought a volume featuring 'The Zorry Kid'; Jacovitti's spoof on the famed ZORRO character..
I'm always at a loss, trying to describe Jacovitti's work to my friends.. Much of it, strikes me as reminiscent of Don Martin's MAD stuff. Especially the staging and the animated movements. Do I also detect a bit of Prohias' SPY vs. SPY here, too? Not sure. Some of the more grotesque surrealism, has something of a Basil Wolverton feel to it..
Either way, I really enjoy all of it!
Apparently, Jacovitti completed a very popular adaptation of 'Pinocchio'.. But alas, I haven't been able to locate that one. Instead, I lucked-into snagging another Jacovitti rarity: his 1983 'KAMA SUTRA' book!
Basic Blog decorum prevents me from sharing any of the bawdy/ribald pages from the interior of this remarkable volume.. But I can show you what the cover looks like:
Benito Jacovitti passed away at the age of 73, in December 1997. He created more than 60 different characters; and produced artwork & stories for more than 150 different books. He was easily one of the most prolific & original artists in comic-book history..
Why should it require taking a trip to Europe to get my hands on some of this stuff?!

That's all for now..See y'all, the next time!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


The month of March is almost over, so I figger I'm probably overdue for a Blog update? Life has been awfully busy, so I unearthed a couple of old sketches. And added a bit of "new" stuff to the mix, as well..
I've never been a huge Gene Colan fan.. But I've always loved Marvel's DAREDEVIL character! Wally Wood did some killer stories, back in the day..
The doodle page above, never quite got nailed down. The Foreground Leg gave me a few fits.. And I left a few ghosted versions of it in, so you can see where I was going with it. The inking is a little scatterbrained here, too. But that's what sketches/doodles are for: exploring variations!

This 2nd sketch is a little more finished. I think it probably started out as a Kirby study, from some of his NEW GODS work.. But halfway thru, it struck me that the Figure looked a bit like "Ole HornHead".. So I converted it over, into DAREDEVIL. The inking is a little more polished, in this example..
More recently, I've enjoyed seeing some of Kevin Nowlan's DAREDEVIL commissions.. I think he does a fantastic rendition of the character. And it'd be a real treat to see his do an entire story with DD some time!

Anyways, hope you've enjoyed the Posting..
I'll try to be back soon, with s'more stuff!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello Folks!

I've been chastised by a good friend & regular Blog visitor, for not updating in over a month?! He's right, of course.. Thanks for caring, Dave!
So here's a quickie post.. Another l'il Frazetta trinket, apropos of today's Valentine festivities: a quality image of Page Eight from Frazetta's 8-page romance story, entitled: "A Love Of My Own"..
I say "quality" image, because I spent many years looking for this story.. And I could never find a good version of it; and particularly, of this specific page. It's the elusive FIFTH romance story, which Russ Cochran chose not to include in his previously-mentioned 'UNTAMED LOVE' reprint, from the 1970's..
I first came across a lousy reprint of this story in Greg Theakston's 'PURE IMAGINATION' magazine.. More recently, it appeared in the only marginally-better reprint collection entitled: 'TELLING STORIES: The Comic Art of Frazetta'.. The linework in this version, is completely obliterated by loads of clumsy coloring!

The slew of at-size color photocopies I've come into, of late.. Allowed me to take Page 8 and clean it up a wee bit. Here's a detail of the middle panels, which allow you to see the fine pen work & lush brush washes of ink:
I had hoped to make this a post of my own artwork.. But Life has been quite hectic, lately! I'm hoping that it won't be another month, before I can update this Blog again..
Thanks for visiting & TTY'all again, real soon!

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Few More Frazetta Gems..

Hello Blogosphere!

I've been quite absent, haven't I? Humble apologies, ..again! I'll conveniently blame the Holiday Season hullaballoo, for my inactivity here.
In lieu of a personal Art posting, I'm going to share some of the fine Frazetta trinkets that arrived in my morning mail.. A bunch of color photocopies of some of his Frank's gorgeous comic-book/illustration work, which were shot/scanned directly from the 'Original Art'!
Presented here, are 4 of the 12 illustrations that Frazetta created for the men's magazine, entitled 'GENT'; as published in their August 1966 issue.. Ain't they purty?! The female figures were intended to represent each of the 12 months in a Zodiac Calendar..

Unfortunately, none of the plates seem to be labelled.. So I'll allow you to make your own best "guess", as to which beautiful lady pertains to whichever specific Astrological Sign? Some of these have been reprinted in a number of different venues, over the years.. But these copies are the most detailled, that I've yet seen..

And even more surprising, is.. After checking these images against the ones in my Frazetta files, I discovered that the Brunette undressing in front of the mirror does NOT match the version printed in 'GENT' magazine. A similar (but different) pose was used. And the woman appears as a Blonde, rather than a Brunette.

Hope you'll find them all as enjoyable to look at, as I do!