Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello Folks!

I've been chastised by a good friend & regular Blog visitor, for not updating in over a month?! He's right, of course.. Thanks for caring, Dave!
So here's a quickie post.. Another l'il Frazetta trinket, apropos of today's Valentine festivities: a quality image of Page Eight from Frazetta's 8-page romance story, entitled: "A Love Of My Own"..
I say "quality" image, because I spent many years looking for this story.. And I could never find a good version of it; and particularly, of this specific page. It's the elusive FIFTH romance story, which Russ Cochran chose not to include in his previously-mentioned 'UNTAMED LOVE' reprint, from the 1970's..
I first came across a lousy reprint of this story in Greg Theakston's 'PURE IMAGINATION' magazine.. More recently, it appeared in the only marginally-better reprint collection entitled: 'TELLING STORIES: The Comic Art of Frazetta'.. The linework in this version, is completely obliterated by loads of clumsy coloring!

The slew of at-size color photocopies I've come into, of late.. Allowed me to take Page 8 and clean it up a wee bit. Here's a detail of the middle panels, which allow you to see the fine pen work & lush brush washes of ink:
I had hoped to make this a post of my own artwork.. But Life has been quite hectic, lately! I'm hoping that it won't be another month, before I can update this Blog again..
Thanks for visiting & TTY'all again, real soon!