Monday, July 5, 2010

Illustration Friday: "GIANT"..


I'll confess that the past few "theme" words for "Illustration Friday" haven't sparked a whole lot of inspiration for me.. I just didn't know what I could do with either "Paisley" or "Satellite"? And "Giant" didn't really spark my imagination much, either. I knew that I didn't really want to draw a traditional (generic) "Stumbo" -style Giant. But I just couldn't think of anything more compelling, beyond that.

So, I began leafing thru my portfolio for past images, hoping to find some good ideas.. It was then that I came across an old illustration that I did many moons ago, for an artist friend: Leigh Young. It seemed pretty appropos to the theme of "Giant",-- so I'm showcasing it again here:

The pic features "Ambarina", one of Leigh's LUCHABABES characters.. Here, she is facing off against an oversized (in many ways!) opponent that we'll call: "The Blue Demon". I recall the Right Side of the composition looking a little spare. So, at the last minute.. I decided to add the cartoon "Kilroy" character; peering up over the canvas, waiting for the action to start!

I'm guessing this was done shortly after finishing up Layout duties on "The RIPPING FRIENDS" cartoon, because the Blue Demon dude's body design definitely bears a few Jim Smith/Spümco-esque foibles..