Monday, April 9, 2012

EASTER Bunnies!

Hello, again!

I thought I'd surprise everyone with another April blog post, so soon after my last?.. Just keeping everyone on their toes.. hah  Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!!

This morning, I made a visit to our local Rexall drug store to pick up a few things.. And (I guess) not surprisingly, I saw that they'd already set up a kiosk discounting all of their unsold Easter candy. My eye was immediately drawn to a "Storybook" package design for a popular brand of "Save-Your-Life" candy rolls..
This past Summer, a friend at a marketing/branding studio had asked me to brainstorm a series of action poses for this same Ad campaign, featuring their Easter Bunny character.. Which on-the-surface sounds like a pretty sweet gig. right?.. But as with most Advertising work, the client wanted all of the finished artwork yesterday?!
So, I pulled an all-nighter. And the above sketch, was one of 4 images I was able to finish..

The biggest job frustration for me though, was being forced to work with a previously-created Design for the Bunny.. In reality, there was no bonafide "model".. As it had only ever appeared/existed in one illustration they'd already commissioned. No character style bible. No rotation or turnaround, establishing proportions, etc..
Looking back on what I'd done, I realize now that I'd spent far too much time trying to work out how the rabbit was constructed, instead of solely creating drawings that were appealing to look at..
About a week or two later, I hauled out the 4 drawings.. I decided that it might be a learning experience to create my own rabbit character, from scratch.. The above doodle page, was the result.
As usual, I started out by looking at what other artists have done. The rabbit at the Top Left is a bald-faced copy of one that Disney used in their 'Tortoise & Hare' adaptation.. And the rabbit at the Bottom Left, bears a slight nod to the 'Nestlé QUIK' bunny. The tiny one looks like I may have thought MGM's "Droopy" would make a good bunny?! heh
By the time I got to the big-headed shorty in the middle of the page, I feel like I was finally onto something.. Still probably too much "Bugs Bunny" in the face features; but I like the proportions.. I'm guessing that by adding the weird lederhosen outfit, I imagined it would look more unique?

Anyways, all-told,-- it was a fun exercise.. And hopefully, I'll be better prepared to deal with any future jobs of a similar nature, that happen to fall into my lap..

That's all for now.. See ya, later!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Head Turnaround..


Where have I been, right?!.. Sorry, I'm just getting back into some regular drawing, after my cataract surgery. It's taken some time to shake all of the rust off.. But here's something I finally feel comfortable sharing:

This is another Head turnaround, that's designed to act as a kind-of model sheet for a showgirl character. I'm hoping to feature her in a short comic-book story, that I'm working on. I tried something similar a few years ago, and hit a complete dead-end. I'm confident I'll have some better luck, this time 'round..
She still looks like 3 different women here, unfortunately. But it's a first run-thru, and issues will begin to streamline themselves as I continue drawing her..

Hope to be able to show you more on this, as I get the images down on paper.. TTYLater!