Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Fond Farewell to this Blogger..

Hello to the Faithful Few!

   This is a formal announcement to anyone still coming around here, sniffing for any new Posts? In case you hadn't noticed, I have been MIA for longer than a year.. All of my time has been consumed with my current fascination with Tumblr!
   I don't have a Hate on for Blogger, btw.. I've enjoyed my time spent here. But for myself, I'm finding that Tumblr is a little more interactive and seemingly more Community-oriented.. Even so,  I do plan to let this archive of Posts sit here, indefinitely. Maybe someone will still find something of interest here. I like having my Weblinks stored in one place. And it'll still serve as an effective scrapbook of memories past, too!
   The only person that I definitely know is still coming around here, is my good old friend Dave H. (aka. "SpyRunner").. Sorry Dave, I've moved on. Time for you to, as well! har har

   For those that don't already know, I've had one Tumblr for a couple years now.. It's themed very strictly around Burlesque and Striptease history. An archive of images that has been a lot of fun for me to assemble and grow into something bigger! You can find it, by clicking here..
   Just this past week, I've decided that I really should have another Tumblr that properly addresses my progress as freelance artist. A site that'll act as a destination point for both fans (the few that I still have) and for prospective clients, to see what my artwork is all about..
   There's very little on there, right now.. All of TWO posts, so far! heh   But you can find it (and hopefully Follow it?) by clicking here..
   I've added some of my previous Links in the sidebar.. And would still like to add a proper Header than the simple "Rich Dannys" that you see there now. But hey,-- it's a work-in-progress, as they say..

   If anyone has any particular questions or comments that they'd like to make to me.. Please feel free to send them to me via the gmail address listed inside my Profile.. Thanks!!

   TTY'all Later!