Friday, May 14, 2010

Illustration Friday: "EQUIPMENT"..

Hello, again!

I've been meaning to begin participating in the online "Illustration Friday" experience, for quite some time now.. But for whatever reason, Life always seems to conspire against this plan. I either start my contribution too late, or get too busy to finish anything at all..
And that's part of the reason I'm so intent on participating.. Teaching myself the discipline of "getting it done..", in the same week that each new "Theme" subject is announced? A unique skill that any effective illustrator has to be able to call upon, in any given instance..

This week's subject, was: "Equipment"..

Do I go with showing a pile of Fishing or Sports equipment? Or do I go instead, with drawing a construction worker with a bunch of gear? The possibilities boggle the mind.. And I suppose that's the idea.
For my debut entry, I took the easy approach. And dug out an existing Location Design that I created a number of years ago.. It seemed appropos, as it's essentially a cartoony Laboratory, stacked to the rafters with exotic machinery & Jack Kirby -styled equipment!
Hope you'll like it..


Anonymous said...

Wow, now this is EQUIPMENT, great illo!

k.h.whitaker said...

nice first entry, love the room full of interesting equipment

Suzanne Dargie said...

Show Off!

I.M. Weasel said...

Wow, I remember that drawing!
How you been, dude? ;)

Rich Dannys said...

Heya Weas!
Keith I'm doing well, thanks.. Howz about you?
Married now, had you heard?
Right now, I'm busy designing a Snow Globe, if you can believe it?! haha