Sunday, March 28, 2010


The month of March is almost over, so I figger I'm probably overdue for a Blog update? Life has been awfully busy, so I unearthed a couple of old sketches. And added a bit of "new" stuff to the mix, as well..
I've never been a huge Gene Colan fan.. But I've always loved Marvel's DAREDEVIL character! Wally Wood did some killer stories, back in the day..
The doodle page above, never quite got nailed down. The Foreground Leg gave me a few fits.. And I left a few ghosted versions of it in, so you can see where I was going with it. The inking is a little scatterbrained here, too. But that's what sketches/doodles are for: exploring variations!

This 2nd sketch is a little more finished. I think it probably started out as a Kirby study, from some of his NEW GODS work.. But halfway thru, it struck me that the Figure looked a bit like "Ole HornHead".. So I converted it over, into DAREDEVIL. The inking is a little more polished, in this example..
More recently, I've enjoyed seeing some of Kevin Nowlan's DAREDEVIL commissions.. I think he does a fantastic rendition of the character. And it'd be a real treat to see his do an entire story with DD some time!

Anyways, hope you've enjoyed the Posting..
I'll try to be back soon, with s'more stuff!


d said...


I was hoping you would add something to the blog. Valentine's day was getting old. Nice sketches.

Rich Dannys said...

Thanks, Dave!

Yeah, I'm trying to improve on my Posting.. But it isn't always easy. I'm making it my resolution for 2010, though..

Dominic Bugatto said...

Really diggin the bottom one!

Willy Ashworth said...

Bottom drawing is very cool!

Love Wally Wood of my heros!