Saturday, March 31, 2007


I know it's been a bit of a drought here, re: new posted Artwork.. I hope to remedy that, very soon.. But in the meantime, I'll distract you with another Burlesque Girl entry!
Presenting... Miss PATTI WAGGIN!!

I dunno much about her, frankly.. She performed early on, as: "Patti Brownell".. And also danced as: "Patti the Co-Ed".. aka. "The Girl With The Educated Torso"! haha
She always looked younger than her years.. And I think she had a fresh girl-next-door "look" to her, that reminded patrons of a vibrant, young College Girl?
She was built leaner & more-muscular than the 50's-era norm, for PinUp Girls.. And from what I've read, had something of a Tomboy personality..
She was raised in the mountainous town of Burney, California.. And got her start at the 'New Follies' Theatre, in downtown Los Angeles. She sez her parents taught her to "hunt and fish, like a man.." Whatever that means..
Oh yeah,-- she also liked to race Harley-Davidson motorcycles, on outdoor courses.
She was also married briefly, to 'Chicago White Sox' pitcher: Don Rudolph.. And (I believe) retired to Bakersfield, California; after her Striptease career had ended..

The initial photo at the Top of this posting, was something I'd grabbed off the Web once. But these other 4 photos, I'm lucky enough to own..
Recently, a California eBay Seller was putting up a lot of Patti's personal memorabilia.. Items he'd secured at an Estate Sale, after Patti had passed on. I kept getting outbid on some of the nicer stuff.. So I was thankful to get these!
I was able to get about a dozen small-ish Contact Print photos, that were from her personal scrapbook. Many of these I have not seen before.. But I've seen some of the others, used in her publicity promotion..
These 2 photos were clearly shot outside of an unknown Burbank Theatre.. With Patti showing off both the Marquee and Lobby Poster, for her show..
I spent some time scrubbing these clean of dirt & dust, using Photoshop.. Hope you enjoy looking at 'em!

These last 2, are some of my favorites.. She had a kind of Pageboy brunette haircut, that reminds me of "Bettie Page". In a lot of her photos she puckers-up, to give you that "bee-stung" lips effect.. I suppose that was another of her performing trademarks? I dunno..
In fact, if anyone has any information on her.. Please post it & lemme know!
'Til next time.. See ya!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Daniel Torres' ROCCO VARGAS!

Humble apologies, for my long absence.. I've spent the past couple of weeks, hurriedly completing my 'CFA-APA' contribution! The deadline was November 15th. And I only got it sent out via FedEx, this aft.. Fortunately, our Editors always afford us, a little bit of wiggle room!

For those that don't know.. An 'APA' is an 'Amateur Press Association'.. A kind of an old-school Fanzine, published by (and for) it's own Membership.. In our case, it's a sophisticated group of 'Original Art' collectors/enthusiasts. We only ever publish 55 copies or so, about 3 times a year.
Each issue, features a different "theme" for articles to follow. And this time 'round, it was: "International Comic Art".. So I chose to write about Daniel Torres. One of my favorite-est European artists!

Normally, writing my article comes pretty easy.. But truth-be-told, I knew very little about Daniel Torres.. Outside of the fact that he was from Spain; and that I liked his work a lot..
I found relatively little info about him, online. And what I did.. was all written in Spanish. A language which I am definitely not fluent in!
Last week (fortunately), I was able to purchase the new 'ROCO VARGAS Sketchbook' at my comic-book shop.. It's excellent!! I can't recommend it, highly enough! And that helped me sort out some of Torres details for my article..

I had a hard time just picking out a few JPEGs from the book to showcase here, on my Blog.. I only scanned the cover and a few interior pages.. It's a 48-page hardcover, that is loaded with conceptual sketches, color comps, vehicle & character designs.. And even storytelling 'page breakdowns' that you can compare to the finished books, if you have them..
The English-language translations were all published as: 'ROCCO VARGAS'.. with an added "C" to the name. The earliest stories started out as a kind of swashbuckling Space Opera.. But later issues, informed us that 'ROCCO' was in fact a mild-mannered Science-Fiction writer named: "Armando Mistral"; who just happens to get drawn into a lot of adventures, mystery, and intrigue..
I actually own relatively few of the books, myself.. As Torres' work is notoriously difficult to find on these North American shores! If you enjoy the 'Clear Line' style popularized by artists like Yves Chaland and Eddy Vermeulen.. Give Daniel Torres' work a look,-- you might really enjoy it, too!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

S'more "Funny Animals"!

Okay, here's that page of "Funny Animal" development doodles, that I mentioned earlier..
Granted, a lot of it is still quite sketchy.. But I hope it gets the idea across?
The 'Pulp'-style crimefighter here, is obviously supposed to be the Rooster dude..

A lot of this, was inspired by looking at a lot of early Will Eisner & Jack Cole artwork.. I even gave the Police Commissioner owl in the Lower Left, a 'Dolan' -esque hairlick! Most of the other characters on the page, are various ne'er-do-wells of different sizes & shapes.. I think the weird monkey character in the fedora, was riffed off a Jack Cole 'Silver Streak' character..
I looked at a fair share of Milton Stein stuff, too.. But I don't think any of that, really shows itself in these sketches?

Hope you likey.. See y'all laterz!