Thursday, April 30, 2009

COUCHY On The Rampage!!

Okay, Folks.. Sorry for the extended dry spell, Posting-wise!

I've been very busy lately, due to a number of Life details. Only one of which, has been putting together a formal Illustration portfolio. Essentially, evaluating a lot of the artwork I've done over the past few years.. And seeing if I can somehow "juice 'em up.." enough to make them a viable addition towards this effort?
This process usually involves tweaking any really obvious mistakes, found in the original art. And then coloring the black-and-white drawings with a splash of Digital Color, to give 'em a bit of the old ZING!

Here's my most-recent example..
This illo was completed for my friend Warren; who works at the Hunter-Straker Ltd. advertising/marketing agency, here in Toronto. I first met him at one of the local comic-book conventions.. He was kind enough to purchase a copy of my published Sketchbook. Bought a bit of my artwork. And then later on, he commissioned me to do a T-Shirt design; which was to be used for an annual Sporting Event that he organized with some friends..

Warren (along with his brother, I believe) stages an annual Sporting Event.. Which involves getting a whole group of drinking buddies together for a kind-of 24-hour Sports marathon.. He told me that the group attempts to play: (a) ONE full round of Golf, (b) ONE 3-period game of Ice Hockey, and (c) ONE 9-inning game of Softball.. All within a 24-hr period!
Their enthusiasm & stamina, (apparently) fuelled by copious amounts of beer and (possibly?) other libations?!

The first T-Shirt I designed for Warren, essentially featured their mascot "Couchy" (the couch potato, natch!), dead-drunk in an alleyway somewhere.
The one featured here, is my 2nd attempt.. For this one, Warren told me that he wanted more of a GODZILLA -version of "Couchy", terrorizing some non-specific Ontario township..
He seemed genuinely happy with the results, thankfully.

I'm by no means an "expert" when it comes to Digital Color.. But I'm getting a little better, each time out. With this one, I experimented a little bit with the 'Gradient' apps found in Photoshop. Some of which worked better than expected, like his bloodshot eyes..

I'm hoping to have an actual Portfolio "link" posted in my Blog's sidebar sometime soon. So please do check back & look for it, if you find the time.. Thanks!


Suzanne Dargie said...

I don't want him coming to MY town!

Willy Ashworth said...

Drawn from experience, Rich?

Really nice work sir!

Rich Dannys said...

>>Drawn from experience, Rich?<<

Sometimes I have a lot of pent-up Anger & Frustration to deal with, Willy! haha

Thanks, for the visit!