Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Mighty THOR!

Okay.. Time again, to "Feed The Blog.." Damn, has it already been a whole week since I last fed this thing?!
Anywayz,-- here's an unfinished THOR sketch I'd been workin' on..

Marvel's THOR Essential Vol. 2 was easily one of my favorite purchases, of last year..
The 1st THOR Essential tpb was okay, too. But Vince Colletta's inking is a little harder to take, in that one. For whatever reason, his stuff just holds up a little better in Volume 2..

I couldn't resist drawing a Kirby-style THOR running along the Rainbow Bridge, with Asgard in the BG.. Lately, I've been doing a whole series of Kirby characters running, for some reason. I think it's probably just an unconscious attempt to try and analyze the dynamics of why I find Kirby's work so powerful? That whole "exploding off the Page" idea..
This sketch is obviously unfinished. And if you look hard enough, you can still spot where I've been second-guessing some of my creative decisions.. I guess I just got tired of fiddling with this one. So, I filed it away..

I thought it'd make a nice Post, just the same.. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

those word verification thingies are hard to read. meh.

I like thor's legs (aesthetically speaking only)

Rich Dannys said...

Thanks, man!
Yeah, I like the way the Legs turned out.. I worked hard, trying to nail down the Torque in the waist, to give it that real "run" feel..

Hope to have more Female gams posted, in the near future! hah

The word verification thingie is to ensure that the lowbrow neanderthals won't be able to make any comments.. SEE, you passed the Test! Your Momma will be SO proud!!

Anonymous said...

Keep at it, my man. You're no Vince Colletta yet but who is? Not even Joe Sinnott could take THOR to the places Vinnie did. I recommend that you open some Kirby-Colletta Tales of Asgards and THORS as reference material then try to copy them. Lots of detail. don't forget that.

Fat Boy said...

Sure, it's not as good as a Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta THOR but I like it a lot. Rock on!