Thursday, May 31, 2007

ULTIMATE Spider-Man!

I've been meaning to become more active in some of the "Drawing Jam" threads that exist, over at 'The Drawing Board' community I'm involved with. I've been a Moderator in their "Instruction" section, for a number of years now..
They have a number of "Jam" threads stickied throughout most of the different sections.. If you're interested in joining, please do give them a look!

I chose to submit to the "Spider-Man" thread in the 'Superheroes' section.. It was a Drawing that I'd had sitting around half-finished, for a long while. And as it was finally apropos, now.. I decided to finish inking and coloring it..
You can view the original inked drawing, by clicking here!

If it hasn't already been completely obvious to you.. The image is meant to be a riff on the artwork of classic MAD Magazine's artist: Don Martin.. I had an old 3-pager he'd done, that featured a number of funny gags using Marvel's Spider-Man character.. Of course, I had to make sure that I also used one of his unique 'Sound Effects', too! hah

Don Martin passed away in 2000, after a battle with cancer. He was 68 years old..
In 1987, he stopped working for MAD. He'd gotten into a disagreement with it's publisher: Bill Gaines.. And for the next 6 years, did work for MAD's competitor: 'CRACKED'..
Sadly, Martin had degenerative eye condition, which made it increasingly difficult for him to draw, in his latter years. He had a number of operations, to try and remedy the problem.. But still required special magnifying equipment, and a handful of freelance"inkers", to help him complete most of his work..


Drazen said...

great Martinesque Spidey!

Dominic Bugatto said...

Nicely done mate .

Rich Dannys said...

Aw shucks.. Thanks again, ye Gents!
*snif*.. You guys are SO durn special.. To ME!!!

Jay D Smith said...

cool stuff!!


K.B. said...

Spot on Don Martin tribute.Fantastic !! I love his work as well. It is sad about his eye condition. It seems alot of my aristic heroes in the Comics industry fal on hard times cause the industry doesn't take care of it's own. Damn shame.

Rich Dannys said...

jay d - Thanks, man! Ah.. All the way from Kilkenny Ireland, eh? Does Guinness flow from all the taps there? If so, I'm booking my flight tomorrow!

kevin b - Thanks for the kind words.. I recognize your stuff from posts on 'The Drawing Board'.. Nice work!!
I once read an article about the surgeries that Don Martin had done.. This era was pre-lasers.. So his Head/Body had to actually be "sandbagged" onto the operating table, to ensure he wouldn't move during the procedure!

Wish I could find that article, again. Was hoping to reference it, for my Post.. Oh, well.

Drazen said...

add Martinophile to your resume!
you never stop to astound me!:-)

Clinton said...

Great blog! And I like your burlesque documentaries as well :)

Rich Dannys said...

Thanks for droppin' by, Clinton!
Sometimes I imagine I'm boring people with my Burlesk entries.. Glad to hear you've been enjoying them..

Still, I think it's probably a rather unique eccentricity, on my part.. I mean where's all the love for Patti Waggin, eh? Zero comments, on that Post..


Anonymous said...

I posted on another site. Patti was like a second mom to me her daughter Julena (I cant get used to calling her that, she always went by her middle name Artanya)and I grew up together since 3rd grade, we have been best friends for 40 years. I loved Patti with all my heart and miss her tremendously, I was her second daughter. Ihave many wonderful stories about her she was an amazing woman. I also have personal pictures of her in her later years at my wedding.

So there IS love for Patti Waggin (Or as we called her "Punkin")

Feel free to Mail me at