Wednesday, January 24, 2007


My good friend & fellow 'Original Art' collector: Bill Leach, is the Editor of his very own EC Comics 'zine.. It's entitled "HORROR From The CRYPT Of FEAR". And it's a neat little self-published book, that (I think) is still available from 'Bud Plant Books'..
I did a couple of illustrations for him, in the past.. And this was a half-finished Ink Sketch, I'd intended to contribute to his most-recent issue.. Unfortunately, I (again) missed his production deadline!
I liked the way the Sketch turned out, though.. And will probably revisit it & fix all the problems I now see in it.. Though I'm happy with the "GhouLunatics" figures.. The overall layout/composition is still looking a bit too crowded, for my tastes.
The 'zine features terrific articles about EC Comics history. And even showcases rare "unpublished" artwork, by those EC artists that're still around.. Unfortunately, with George Evans' recent passing.. that number seems to be in rapid decline.


Dominic Bugatto said...

Welcome to blogsville man. Nice drawings as per usual ;)

david said...

cool! i like the hand/head guy on the bottom.

DELA said...

Nice one ,cool inking .