Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Head Turnaround..


Where have I been, right?!.. Sorry, I'm just getting back into some regular drawing, after my cataract surgery. It's taken some time to shake all of the rust off.. But here's something I finally feel comfortable sharing:

This is another Head turnaround, that's designed to act as a kind-of model sheet for a showgirl character. I'm hoping to feature her in a short comic-book story, that I'm working on. I tried something similar a few years ago, and hit a complete dead-end. I'm confident I'll have some better luck, this time 'round..
She still looks like 3 different women here, unfortunately. But it's a first run-thru, and issues will begin to streamline themselves as I continue drawing her..

Hope to be able to show you more on this, as I get the images down on paper.. TTYLater!

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Drazen said...

I await her adventures!