Monday, November 29, 2010

"When CAPTAIN AMERICA Throws His Mighty Shield!.."

So,-- here's a rough CAP sketch that I just finished.. Did you know this character will be 70 years old, next March?! I don't think he looks a day over 30!

I couldn't resist drawing a Kirby-style CAP running headlong towards those dirty Huns.. Hence, the whole "exploding off the Page" motif..
This sketch will be part of a more elaborate illustration. The weird sketchy stuff along the top may (or may not) be added to the final composition..I'd love to include the transformation of the scrawny Steve Rogers. And also, the Red Skull. But I dunno if I can fit it all in? We'll see..

The Marvel Essential CAPTAIN AMERICA volumes are pretty fantastic reference.. Not only is there some terrific Jack Kirby stuff in 'em. But you also get some of the "groovy" Jim Steranko artwork, too!
I'll confess that I can't really relate much, to the modern "Ultimates" -version of the character.. He always seems trussed-up with a crazy helmet, suspenders, goggles, elbow/knee pads, etc.. Has he gotten weaker, since I read him, back in-the-day? I doubt it.
I recently saw a cover where CAP was even geared up with an AK-47 machine gun?! Dat's just plain screwy, I sez!!

I know that Hollywood is currently preparing a live-action "Captain America" feature. So, I guess having him appear more like a U.S. soldier makes better sense than flashy spandex? The production pics I've seen, look quite intriguing.. (Especially casting actor Hugo Weaving as: "the Red Skull"!)
The film is being directed by Joe Johnston. Yup, the same guy that brought Dave Stevens' "The ROCKETEER" to the silver-screen.. At least we know the movie will "look" half-decent..
But let's face it,-- Hollywood's track record for translating comic-book properties into films, is notoriously piss-poor.  And for me, traditional 2-D animation still seems the most logical way to create a movie out of a comic-book!

Anywayz, I thought this'd make a nice Post.. Enjoy!

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