Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Illustration Friday: "RIPPLE"..

"A small ripple in the water, stirred the enormous creature from it's slumber.."

Here's this week's installment towards the online "Illustration Friday" experience.. Once again, I didn't get the image as finished, as I'd have liked. But the discipline of having a weekly deadline, is forcing me to work faster. Something that's never been my strong suit. And a part of my Skill Set, I'm hoping to improve upon. One more reason, why I wanted to start contributing regularly!

This week's subject is: "Ripple". And here's what I came up with..

As should appear obvious,-- I (again) chose the opportunity to exercise my Frazetta muscles! The composition and staging, definitely owes a lot to his Fantasy Art.. There are some details that still need some tweaking. And it could probably use a 2nd "scrub" in Photoshop, to remove some of the visual noise. But I'm kinda happy with the way it turned out, for the most part.

Years ago, I finished a similar image to this one, featuring Mike Mignola's HELLBOY character. I think the experience of working on that, helped this one. I can also see where there's a bit of a Bernie Wrightson influence coming thru in the creature pose.. But of course, Wrightson was something of a Frazetta devotee back-in-the-day, too..

If I have time, I'll update this pic with a color version.. Dunno if I'll make it by Friday, though. As another freelance Design/Layout job, happily fell into my lap today..


Suzanne Dargie said...

I like how it turned out so far! The Hellboy one is an excellent example of your skills as a 'horror' illustrator...and it would be nice if you could at least have time to ink this Frazetta inspired one.

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