Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The RIPPING FRIENDS in: "Beef Rescue"!

I've been in a bit of a drawing slump, lately.. So for a new Post, I decided to just drag out an older illo & try throwing some color onto it? Here's the result:

In 2003, a local Toronto kid named "Julian" approached me at a comic-book convention.. He asked if I'd do a "Ripping Friends" commissioned Drawing for him? I said sure. But then he told me that he not only wanted the entire Foursome.. But that he wanted them geared-up in the same Spacesuits they'd worn in the "Frictor" episode?! Oh, yeah.. And also? Please include at least 1 of the cows that were in the "Ovulator" episode, as well...

Well, I always enjoy a challenge.. And fortunately, still had all of the necessary Model Sheets, too..
So, I simply invented a screwy scenario where 'Jimmy The Idiot' and the Cow, were rescuing the stranded RF team, somewhere on the Moon.. Bringing them heaping helpings of sorely-needed MEAT, to sustain their heroic strength!! heh

Hoping to post some "fresher" artwork soon, folks.. Apologies.
See yuz, later!


Dominic Bugatto said...

Nice one Rich!

That's one lucky kid.

Don't think I've ever seen this piece before.

rajesh said...

Sweet. An update.

Sometimes I forget how versatile an artist you are, Rich. Nice work.

Percy Pernell said...

Loverly pic,
I heard you mention this once, but never saw the finished piece.....
Nice stuff as always.

Michael Cho said...

Great piece, dude. sorry to hear you got in a drawing slump -- happens to all of us at one point or another!